AAA Roofing lays out assistance plan for its employees

AAA Roofing Co., is doing everything it can to minimize the financial impact of the COVID19 on its employees.  In a statement release March 22, 2020, by president and CEO Jim Huntington:

These are unprecedented times for our country and our company.  My number one concern is the health and wellbeing of both my family and your families.  For this I am creating the AAA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help everyone weather the storm.

My current goal is to provide you with every opportunity to work as many hours as possible.  I also want to make certain that you have food and supplies in your homes to last until this virus has run its course.  The program will provide a financial assistance to hourly workers who do not work a full 40 hr. week.  This is not a loan and the program will extend until things have calmed down or until the company can no longer afford to fund the EAP.

I do ask a few favors in return which will help all of us both short term and long term:

  • Take care of yourself and your families

  • Work Safely and Efficiently

  • Minimize being in close proximity with others

  • Wash your hands efficiently and frequently

  • If you are sick or show symptoms of being sick stay home

  • Pray to God for his help